What you will need

We know that setting up home for the first time can be difficult and may be a little scary. Here are some useful items you will need to get you set up:

Kitchen   Front room   
Plates and bowls bowl Sofa  sofa
Cups/mugs  Mug Television  television
Glasses  glass Curtains                    curtains
Pans  pan    
Knives and forks  knives and forks    
Spatulas  spatula    
Kettle kettle    
Cooker/oven  cooker    
Microwave  Microwave    
Fridge freezer  fridge freezer    
Washer  washer    
Tea towels  tea towel    
Dust pan and brush/mop and bucket set  dust pan and brush    


















Bedroom   Bathroom  
Bed  bed Towels  towels
Duvet  duvet    
Pillows pillows General                               
Duvet cover/sheet/pillow case Duvet cover Vacuum cleaner  Vacuum cleaner
Wardrobe, drawers, bedside cabinet set wardrobe Iron  Iron
Curtains curtains Ironing board  Ironing board