Get ready for Universal Credit

Universal Credit is for people who are looking for work or on a low income and will eventually replace many of the benefits and tax credits they’re getting at the moment. Take a look at the positives of Universal Credit.

There are things you can do beforehand to make sure you’re ready for the changes when they happen. Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for this change in benefit

Universal Credit is being rolled out across the UK right now. There are some notable differences between this and the way existing benefits are paid. If you are currently eligible for benefits or tax credits you will need to know about Universal Credit and how it affects you. Find out now what Universal Credit covers, how to get ready for it and how to claim.

Don't forget, you can only claim Universal Credit online. 

Housing associations in the North West share their experiences  

Universal Credit has been live in areas of the North West for over a year now. Staff and tenants from Golden Gates Housing Trust, New Charter and Ashton Pioneer Homes talk about their experiences with Universal Credit including online applications, money management and changes they’ve made.