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Fire safety in the home


The fires caused by smoking (including cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars and pipe tobacco) result in more deaths than any other type of fire.

  • It is safer to smoke outside but make sure cigarettes are put right out and disposed of properly. Never smoke in bed
  • Don’t smoke in an armchair or sofa if you think you may fall asleep
  • Take extra care when you’re tired, taking prescription drugs or if you’ve been drinking alcohol
  • Use proper ashtrays which can’t tip over and stub cigarettes out properly
  • Never balance cigars or cigarettes on the edge of an ashtray or anything else; they can fall and cause a fire.
  • Don’t leave lit pipes or cigarettes unattended
  • Empty ashtrays carefully. Make sure smoking materials are out, cold and preferably wet them before throwing into a bin – never use a wastepaper basket
  • Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach, and buy child-resistant lighters.


  • Use of electronic cigarettes has increased in recent years, they are safer to use as long as the manufacturers’ instructions are followed
  • Use only the battery and charger that’s provided with the e-cigarette
  • Avoid leaving an e-cigarette on charge overnight
  • Never use a damaged e-cigarette.