Right to improve your home or garden

As a Coast & Country customer you can make alterations and improvements to your home, garden or boundary, but you need to have written permission before you start work. We need to make sure the work you do is safe, for you, your household and visitors. You also need to check whether you need other approval like planning permission or building regulation approval.

Examples of alterations or improvements include, but are not limited to:  

  • Changes to walls, doors and windows
  • Installation of a shower
  • Replacement or work to kitchens, bathrooms, or heating and hot water systems
  • Driveways
  • Porches, garages and carports
  • Erecting a shed, greenhouse or a pigeon loft
  • Electrical works - additional sockets, internal or external lighting
  • Fitting of a gas cooker where the supply is not already available
  • Internal hard flooring such as laminate
  • Alterations to water supply pipes and drainage
  • Erecting or re/moving fences.

Any work must meet a specified standard and you may be responsible for the future maintenance of the work that you carry out. We will tell you that when you apply for permission, which can you do using the form below. If you are unsure whether you need our permission, please contact us before carrying out any work. You can give us a call on 01642 771300 or email us at alterations@cchousing.org.uk 

We may need to inspect any work done and you need to know that if your home is damaged while the work is going on, you will be responsible to put it right.

Before filling in the form below, please read our making improvements to your home or garden guidance notes.

* Please note any alterations/improvement requests will not be approved if your are in rent arrears. Upon receipt of a new request, an up-to-date balance will be requested and if you have any outstanding balance, your request will be declined.

Our privacy notice tells you what to expect when Coast & Country Housing (CCH) processes personal information. It applies to information about applicants, customers and other service users. 

Alteration & Improvement Request Form

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

Please upload any plans / drawings/ photographs of the proposed alteration.

Declaration - by submitting this form I accept that I have read and fully understood and agree to the terms laid out in the guidance notes and relevant policy. I agree that I will not start any work until I have received written permission from Coast & Country Housing. I declare that the information provided is a true representation of the improvements or alterations that I wish to carry out and that I will adhere to any conditions related to the granting of permission. I give consent to share this information with Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, if required. I understand I will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of any alterations or improvements for which approval is given. I understand that if / when I leave the property and Coast & Country consider it necessary to return the work to its original state that this will be at my own expense.