One of the many benefits of being a Coast & Country tenant is the great repairs service* you receive. We work really hard to deliver flexible services to suit you based on the feedback you have given us. We really pride ourselves on a job-well done!

It's so easy to report a repair by logging on to Me & My Home, or you can give us a call on 01642 771300. We will categorise your repair based on its urgency. Our appointment times are really flexible; we’ll offer you a choice of week-day times to suit you:

  • All day – any time between 8am and 4pm
  • Morning – anytime between 8am and 12pm
  • Afternoon – between 12.30pm and 5pm
  • School run – 10am – 2pm.

Our gas service team even offer evening appointments on Thursdays and morning appointments on Saturdays. What’s not to like?

*Please note as a customer you are required to report all repairs, regardless of responsibility.

How soon repairs will be carried out

As soon as you report your repair we will prioritise it based on the information you provide. The most urgent repairs will be carried out first.

From Tuesday 8 May our minimum repair timescales will be as follows:

Repairs timescales

Emergency repairs

Within 24 hours
Where there is a risk to health and safety or a real danger to people or property e.g. a complete loss of power. This includes an out of hours emergency repairs service.

U2 repairs

Within 2 working days

Where the problem is a significant inconvenience to a customer, but does not pose a danger.

Urgent repairs

Within 3-5 working days

Where a problem causes inconvenience to an occupant.

Routine repairs

Within 20 working days

Where the problem is not a significant inconvenience e.g. a partial loss of power (up to two sockets or lights not working).

Planned repairs

Within 60 working days

Where work can be planned into a wider programme of repairs. Includes planned maintenance such as repairs to fencing, garages or footpaths and work carried out on a regular basis like lift servicing, clearing gutters or gas safety checks.

Please be aware we will charge you for any damage to your home that’s not down to wear and tear. We might also charge you for repairs that fall outside what we are responsible for. Check your repair handbook for more information.

We are part of the National Compensation Scheme and the Right to Repair.