You cannot park vehicles on open spaces such as grassed areas, paved areas or other land owned by Coast & Country. You are not allowed to park a vehicle in your garden unless you have been given permission and have a properly constructed driveway and a dropped kerb installed by the Council.

You need to ask permission to park a caravan or boat at your property and comply with the Company’s conditions.

You cannot park heavy goods vehicles in residential areas.

If you wish to build a garage or car port you must ask for permission first and you will need to check whether you need planning permission from the local council.

You can rent a garage from us if there is one available in your area. If there are none available, we can put your name down on a register. If you would like to apply for a garage please contact your local housing office

If you think a car has been abandoned, please let us know so that we can investigate and arrange for removal if necessary.