Low cost loans

If you borrow £200 over 52 weeks this table shows how much you will pay back each week and how much interest you will pay:

Updated 01/03/2018

Type of loan

Rate of Interest

Amount of interest paid

Admin fee

Weekly payment

Total amount paid back

Budgeting loan






Discretionary Social Fund loan






Five Lamps



£10.00 deducted from offer



South Bank Credit Union 12.68% £13.19   £4.10 £213.19

Stop Loan Sharks 

Stop Loan Sharks, part of the England Illegal Money Lending Team, investigate and prosecute loan sharks. They are the lead organisation in England with the power to prosecute loan sharks and illegal money lenders. Since 2004, they have helped over 26,000 people who have borrowed from loan sharks. If someone is lending you money they must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. You can search their database to see if the lender is legal or call on 0300 555 2222.

For more information or to report a loan shark, visit the Stop Loan Sharks website