How to deal with rent arrears

If you have found yourself in rent arrears you can contact a Rent and Income Advisor on 01642 771326 or 01642 771327. We're here to help. 

Don’t be embarrassed

Firstly, don’t ignore it. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to us, this is what we are here for. The consequences of not paying could result in you losing your home, much worse than being too embarrassed to ask for help.

Let us help

If you miss your rent payments we will contact you as soon as possible to identify any issues you may need our help with. It’s important you talk to us and don’t ignore our attempts to talk to you - we can’t help if we don’t know what’s going wrong.

Trying to play catch up

Don’t miss rent payments thinking you will be able to make up the payment the following week. Many customers started off their journey into debt thinking this way. Next week never comes.

Stick to an affordable arrangement

If you are unable to repay your rent arrears in full, we will ask you some questions about your finances and agree an affordable repayment plan with you. Keep to this arrangement – if you don’t, you may find we apply to the County Court to evict you from your home.

Keep on top of housing benefit

If you are claiming housing benefit, don’t delay sending in information you have been asked to supply. If you don’t supply information when asked, your claim will be cancelled and you will need to pay the full rent due. You are also responsible for notifying the DWP of any changes in your circumstances.

Know where to get help

If you are struggling to manage debts, seek help quickly. You can get free debt advice from Citizens Advice on 01642 469880 (only available 10am - 12pm every Friday). You can also call Shelter on 0808 800 444 or visit its website at to have a live chat with a housing advisor.

Are you missing out on any benefits?

Make sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to. You can do this by visiting and completing the easy-to-use benefits calculator. This can also tell you if you are eligible for any grants.

Universal Credit

If you are claiming Universal Credit, it’s really important you talk to us. The rules around Universal Credit are very different from housing benefit and it’s easy to trip up. Our trained team can help you navigate Universal Credit and make it work for you.

Additional information

The National Homeless Advice Service have produced a number of factsheets for the public for help with dealing with rent arrears:

Bedroom tax 

Benefit cap

Discretionary housing payment 

Universal credit 

Universal credit - housing costs for renters