There are many charities and trusts that may give grants if you have an illness, disability or are on a low income.  These are to help ease some of the extra pressures you may be facing.  They can help pay for:

  • Essential household items
  • Clothing
  • Repay debts
  • Help to get back into work
  • Childcare
  • Medical needs
  • Short breaks away in the UK
  • Transport and much more!
Below shows some grants that you may apply for:

Name of grant/s

Who can apply

Maximum award

What does it cover

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Varies, including household essentials, clothes and medical help

Disability grants search

Have a disability or illness


Varies, including equipment, holidays

Jobcentre Plus Family Fund

On benefits looking for work


Cost of transport, childcare, work clothes, tools and more to help getting back into work easier

3H Fund

Households with a disabled child or adult


Short breaks in the UK

Family holiday association

Families on a low income – referral by advice agency


Short breaks in the UK

Age UK

Over 60s

Small fee, sometimes free

Small repairs, safety measures, home security, energy efficiency checks

British Gas Energy Trust 

EDF Energy Trust 

NPower Energy Trust



Help to pay gas, electricity or water debts


On a water meter, on a means-tested benefit, and either have three or more children under 19, or someone in the household with a medical condition needing lots of water

Caps water bill for the average for your area

Help with water bills

Sure Start Maternity Grant (first child)

Means tested benefits and a newborn child


Anything that will help you look after your child

School meals, transport or uniforms

On a low income or certain benefits with children at school


Help with the costs of sending your kids to school

Family Fund

Have a disabled child


Help make life easier. things such as washing machines, driving lessons, computers and holidays