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Changes to Me & My Home Login

When you log in, you are asked to enter your username which is currently your Person Number.  This is going to change and in future your username will be your email address. Please follow the steps below to update your username.

Step 1:   Login to Me & My Home as you do now. You will then be directed to a page where you must supply a valid email address unique to yourself. This cannot be shared with anyone in your household as everyone must have their own unique email address.

Step 2:   Enter a valid email address. Then click Update.

Update email address

You will then be directed to the main page of Me & My Home and your email address will now be your new username.

Step 3:   The next time you log in to Me & My Home you should use your email address that you have registered to your account.


Need help? 

Email address not accepted

If the email address that you provided was not accepted, the system will display the following message:


This may happen if you are trying to login with an email address which has already been associated to another account e.g.  if you currently share an email address with others in your household.

Free email accounts can be created with many providers, including Outlook and Gmail and Yahoo.


Incorrect Login

Please do not use your Person Number to login after you have updated it with an email address.  If you do the system will display the following message:

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