How to choose the right bank account

At Coast & Country, we believe choosing the right bank account to suit your needs will help you manage your money.

There are lots of different types of bank accounts, including:

To help you decide and choose the right bank account for you, here is a useful table which shows the services and features of each type of account

Find out here where your local bank [pdf] 45KB is.

Most banks require two valid and original documents to confirm who you are and where you live:

  • Confirming who you are: a valid passport, full UK driving licence, benefit letter, blue disabled badge, student ID card.
  • Confirming where you live: your tenancy agreement, utility bill, council tax bill, TV licence, full UK driving licence.

Types of account

Depending on which account is best for you, you can get more information on the best accounts by checking out the websites below:

Basic or current bank account Money Advice Service
Post Office card account Post Office 
Prepaid card Different prepaid cards 
Credit unionSavings and credit unions