Apprenticeships web banner

Apprenticeships web banner

Apprentice Charter 2018

Our commitment to our apprentices:

Ensure high quality training and clear individual development – We will provide a clear training programme for you that is relevant to your job role. We will provide paid time off to attend training.  There is a clear system for supervision, support and mentoring by appropriately trained and experienced members of staff.

Supported and valued – We will provide the appropriate staff resources to ensure you receive pastoral support both on and off the job. You will have regular one-to-ones with our Apprentice Co-ordinator away from your working environment and we endeavour to make you feel valued through our apprenticeship programme and activities.

Our apprentices complement the workforce, not supplement it – All apprentices are recruited following Coast & Country’s succession planning for the future and approved through our Project Board.

Safe and friendly environment – We will provide you with a safe place to work and the knowledge and support to report wrong-doing or something that gives you cause for concern. We will provide you with expert health and safety equipment, information and advice.

Contract of employment – We will provide you with a contract of employment.

Celebrate success – At Coast & Country we encourage and celebrate your success through various channels including one-to-ones, PR and internal communications. 

Keep you informed – We will provide information to you about available unions and employment rights and responsibilities, as well as access to HR support services for up-to-date information, help and support.

Access to staff benefits – All apprentices will have the same access to staff benefits as existing staff.  This includes access to physiotherapy services and staff support, including counselling.

Future planning – We will actively support you to secure permanent employment either within or outside of the Company through our employability services.